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10 reasons to consider an ethanol fireplace



1    Safe            

         The design of the fire ensures minimal chance of injury from the flame.

2    Portable     

         Convenient size and no fixed cables or pipes can make these mobile.

3    No Gas or Electric connectionneeded

         Fuelled by an alternative fuel, Bio Ethanol (methylated Spirit).

4    Odourless   

         Ethanol burns without odour.   The only time there is a minimal odour is when you extinguish the flame.

5    Low maintenance

         Bio Ethanol fire places have no moving parts to go wrong.

6    Smokeless

         The only emission is water vapour and CO2 from the crop grown to make the fuel.

7    Economical

        1.5 litres of fuel can last between 5 1/2 hours

8    Easy to install

         Just take it out of the box, read the instructions, fuel it up and get it going.

9    No Chimney required

      Since there is no smoke, or harmful emissions and residue, there is no need for a 

         chimney to be installed.

10  No Trades, required DIY installation

        The fire produces no smoke or harmful emissions and residue.



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