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Q. What is Ethanol fuel?
A. It’s Methylated Spirits.

Q. What is it made from?
A. Corn, potatoes or wheat, the starch is processed into the liquid fuel, known as Methylated Spirits. The starch used is not fit for humans to eat.

Q. Where can I get Meth’s
A. From Hardware stores, chemical cleaning companies and off the Web. Many places, even paint stores. Even we can supply the fuel competitively.

Q. Dose it smell?
A. The Ethanol is clean burning it produces no smoke, ash and no smell. There is a slight smell when the flame is extinguished. It’s a bit like after blowing out a candle.

Q. Is it easy to maintain?
A. Yes, very easy. There are no moving parts to go wrong. No wood to cut, or ash to remove. Just fill and light.

Q. Is it hard to set up?
A. No, not at all. There are no gas connections, no electrical connections and no flue or chimney is required. The wall mount fires come with a bracket. Which gets fixed to studs in the wall, or direct in to brick walls, with plug and screws.

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