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Ethanol V's LPG Heating

Ethanol V's LPG Heating

When considering heating, do not just consider the cost of the fuel, this is factor but I hope I can show you a good reason, to at least consider ethanol as a clean, green and healthy fuel.

First up LPG needs to be stored in tanks, normally fixed to the property. Cost of these tanks $33.00 each per ¼ or $66 X 4 = $264.00. How many litres of ethanol (myths) can you buy for $264.00. Myths retails around the $3.00 a litre $264 divides by $3 = 88 litres of fuel.  To heat a 40M2 room you will need two 1.5 litre burners, if you burn the fire every night through winters (90 nights) you will need 270 litres of fuel. After offsetting the 88 litres, you need to purchase 182Litres of fuel, cost $546 or $6.06 a night. We are looking to supply the fuel in future at a cost of a round $1.50 litre. Based on this new figure the cost to heat would be $3 a night for carbon neutral heating…….

Warm the Environment not the Globe......

                                                              Ethanol V's LPG



Discounted fuel is only available to those how have purchased an Instinct bio fire through our online store. Thank you